Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Commonly asked questions and answers

Can I restart a Campaign? Open +

The short answer is No. You may write to Tallafi Support team if you have a case for this.

Are campaigns ever deleted? Open +

No. Tallafi is a cloud platform and only marks a campaign as ended but never purged out of the system.

How does fund get to the recipient? Open +

Payment is made at the end of a campaign.

How do you verify fundraisers? Open +

1. Identity Verification 2. Court affidavit submission

How does Tallafi track funds ? Open +

Tallafi does the painstaking due diligence of verifying and enforcing campaigns are backed with a court affidavit, We do have a Monitoring and Evaluation policy where applicable.

What is Tallafi ? Open +

Tallafi is a tech-for-good platform developed and distributed by Tallafi Financial Technology Services Ltd., a company registered in Nigeria.

How does Tallafi calculate a fundraiser lifecycle ? Open +

Tallafi platform automatically computes the period of your campaign effective from the day of approval and marks the campaign as closed when it reaches the end-date.

Is Tallafi Model Fully automated ? Open +

No. There is an intentional effort to ensure criminal minds do not use Tallafi to get money under false pretense, hence the need for Tallafi to have human vetting in place for every campaign published on the platform.

Is TALLAFI.NG an NGO ? Open +

No. TALLAFI is a platform owned and operated by Tallafi Financial Technology Services Ltd.

Does TALLAFI promote campaigns? Open +

No. Fundraisers are responsible for promoting campaigns outside the TALLAFI platform and ecosystem.

Is Tallafi Free ? Open +

No. Donations attract 12% Service and Platform Fees taken from every donation. This deduction goes to the running cost of the platform, operations, staffing and payment processor fees.