About Us

Tallafi is a tech-for-good website which aims to bridge an institutional void in the Nigerian financial technology system.
Tallafi provides a credible, secure, sustainable and efficient platform for individuals and communities to raise funds for noble causes.
Through collective funding with Tallafi, our mission is to reduce poverty by improving access to basic resources such as water, electricity, housing, drainage, sanitation, schools and basic healthcare thereby reducing the socioeconomic burden in our communities.
Tallafi is accessible to individuals, groups, communities and even not-for-profit organisations to raise funds.

Our Vision
• We aim to change the way you think about supporting other people.
Our Mission
• To reduce poverty or improve access across the world one campaign at a time
Our Values
• Achieve together
• Innovate
• Provide a means to an end

About the founder
I was born and raised in northern Nigeria, a part of the world where there is an unspoken belief that being sick, homeless and obvious poverty are the only causes that deserve help. Although these are just causes, support should not be limited to the obvious and raising funds for personal causes, people in need and communities is just as worthy. As a community we all need to lean on each other for support and the best way to do it is together.