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Help Support Umma Salma A Single Mother Of Two Start A Business.

Support a single mother of 2 start a business 

Umma Salma Dahiru is a 27yr old single mother of 2kids a 3yr old and a 1yr old she resides in Kaduna and is living with her old age mother. Umma Salma is a hardworking single mother. Her husband abandoned her with her kids over a year ago when she was pregnant with the 1yr old, leaving her with two small kids to take care of. As well as her two small children she also tend to her mother who her father abandoned. She is struggling to make ends meet as all she does is plait people’s hair in the area she lives. As Ramadan is approaching and the weather has changed Umma Salma is looking to start a business of selling drinks such as zobo, kunun aya, kunun zaki, ginger drinks and pure water as well as ice blocks. 

Umma Salma wants to be financially independent to be able to give her children a life they deserve by providing for them and in order to do that she needs your help to make that happen. By donating you will be helping Umma Salma’s dreams come true. Please help her become financially stable and give her children a safe happy life they deserve.

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