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Emergency Assist

Assalamu alaykum warahamatu llah WA barakatuhu, my name is Husseini Alhaji Magaji, and my sick cousin brother is named Muhammad Ahmad a 35 years old married with two (2)kids and a business man from Dambam LGA of Bauchi State.
Sometimes in jamuary 4/1/2022, he felt sick and  was diognosed of typhoid and needed to be operated immediately.after a successful operation, few months later another sickness surfaced and he was   rushed  back to the hospital and  was diognosed of  chronic ulcer which also has affected his internal organs and needed and  to be operated.
Few months after the 2nd operation, the said stiches started opening, and ignorant of him continued his normal activities, in December 2022,he started experiencing loss of  weight and gradually the operated side began to escalate revealing out his intestines  food doesn't stay neither anything, and when he was returned back to the hospital which conducted the operation  on him probably must have failed to do the right thing, from onset ,cos by then the situation has grown bigger than just ordinary. At a point the hospital couldn't handled it anymore and asked his famili to take him to a better hospital that  theres nothing they could do.  
His family, has sold everything including his business collapsation in order to raised money and refer him to a bigger hospital for proper medical care .
He is presently at Teaching hospital (TH) BAUCHI, and seeking for emergency treatment,and we have raised over the sum of  200,000 outbof the 600,000 for the medical treatment.
No amout is small , muhammed is currently in between life and death, as we solicit for your kind and utmost help to save his life .
May Allah Almighty bless every hand that has helped and would help.
Below are documents containing his treatments, receipts,and his current picture.

Jazakalahu Khair.....

₦ 599,000.00
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